WHAT we do

The role that sport plays in education, culture, social inclusion and public health within society has constantly evolved and is now fully recognized.

Evolute implements and delivers systems that make effective use of algorithms developed in order to improve performance and coordination between athletes, integrated with biodevices that capture, measure and monitor the physical performance (or health) of each player and the team as a whole.

We also deliver software for managing athletes, coaches, referees and systems for broadcasting competition results.

WHO can benefit

Sports Clubs and Associations:

Whether you’re a big name Premier League club or you play friendly matches on a Sunday, and whatever kind of sports you play, Evolute Sports & Wellness technologies can give you the edge you need. You and your team can evolve by using our systems to monitor single players and/or team on performance, mechanics, tactics and health, to improve results, safety and revolutionize your sport.

People involved in sports:

You may be a professional football player, an occasional runner or frequent walker. You probably already feel overwhelmed by the array of gadgets available to monitor and provide metrics like blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, calories burned, distance and so many more. Gadgets are already revolutionizing the way people see sports, but off-the-shelf gadgets can never replace credible devices or the right technology to provide responsive and high quality measurements of fitness, health and sports performance including predictive criteria in real time.

Sports Federations:

You need to focus on managing your athletes, coaches, referees, associations and competitions whilst providing information to the community on the Internet. Perhaps you are involved in boosting performance and athletes’ safety. Evolute has the solutions you need.

HOW we deliver results


Every request is unique, so we don’t stock off-the-shelf products for our customers; we provide customized solutions. We work together with research institutes and professionals in pursuit of innovation and creative solutions that become integral to people’s lives.


IT master plan, definition of technological strategy, architecture files, 360° audits of IS and applications, performance testing, advice on adopting agile and lean IT methodologies, and technical expertise are some of our available services.


We are committed to addressing your needs and bringing your ideas to life so that you can start benefitting from them in just a few weeks. The innovation model is present from the first moment and throughout the project.


Electronic devices such as GPS, blood pressure monitors, heartbeat meters, blood glucose meters or insulin pumps, can be combined to optimize data capturing and processing, and be fully integrated with your own systems.


Evolute manages and provides services such as housing and hosting, cloud computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and remote backups, 24×365 operation and monitoring.

WHY us

Innovation background

Innovation at Evolute is fueled by challenge and evolution. We take pride in challenging ourselves to reach the next level, but often that level is presented by our partners and Clients – why not set us our next challenge?

Pride in a job well done

We like nothing better than a satisfied customer. Providing the tools for better healthcare, quality of life and pushing our human limits is our professional achievement.

Technical Skills

A highly skilled talent pool cutting edge technological resources and specific training ensure the most suitable, durable, scalable and reliable solution for your business.


We have over 10 years’ experience in designing and developing software systems and devices integration, focusing on health, human care and performance.


We offer what you treasure the most: quality, reliability, innovation and experience. We strive to deliver the highest value for your needs.


Over the years we've developed amazing long-term relationships with our Clients and most of our very first Clients still demand and use our IT solutions. That's our Quality seal.