About Us

Evolute is an Informatics R&D&I company that provides professional applications and systems for health and sports from scratch, from its design and conception to integration with machines and existing systems. Our software products are configurable and scalable, either in size or functionality.

Evolute’s goal is to create and deliver solutions that are intuitive, accessible, safe and inspiring to you, our main purpose is to provide the best tools to support your performance.

Evolute is a Portuguese based company that employs creative and highly skilled people with optimal skills and knowledge to execute complex projects with dedication and commitment. We have been designing and deploying information systems and applications to assist and improve quality and performance of our Customers since 1999.

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Our journey to excellence never ends, it is constantly evolving. We operate with success in mind and focus on results, looking for new ways to innovate and continuously improve by measuring our performance and the satisfaction of our customers.

Evolute particularly focuses its vision on the three pillars of Customer – HR – Technology. The advanced and tacit technical knowledge of Evolute’s professionals combined with the best that technology has to offer and a focus on the Customer’s evolving needs, allow Evolute to maximize the value generated for the customer through its products and services.


Evolute’s mission is to offer information systems that are in perfect harmony with the objectives and operations of each institution, by developing IT tools aligned with their strategies.

Promoting continuous improvement, development and innovation in IT as a tool and basis for new business development and innovation.

We aim to become the number one strategic partner of innovative organizations and provide them with a competitive edge, whilst valuing their employees. To this end, Evolute’s mission includes:

  • Positioning Information Systems as Critical Success Factors in the organizational strategy of its customers, providing them with a competitive edge.

  • Managing team knowledge by focussing on the principles of empowerment, a creative, critical, dedicated, responsive and responsible team – extending this concept to its partners.

  • Encouraging social and environmental awareness.


Evolute’s core values are focused on development/innovation and continuous improvement, providing a positive build up of knowledge, value, technology and quality of service. The main objective is to maximize the value generated for customers, HR, partners and the community. To achieve this we believe the following are essential:

  • Partnership with the customer, promoting innovative ideas and fostering joint growth and evolution.

  • HR empowerment, accountability and interaction as a team, making best use of complementarities and creating a critical mass of knowledge.

  • Excellence in the quality of delivered products and services.

  • Transparency and technological and social responsibility.


Evolute’s overall objective, broadly speaking, is to generate value for its stakeholders, which means creating wealth, innovation and development, driving personal and professional satisfaction, providing a means for other entities to evolve and be innovative and promote national economic, technological and knowledge growth.

  • Customers: create products that enhance human resources and internal activities and leverage the business.

  • HR: generate knowledge and provide quality of life.

  • Partners: drive joint development and generate knowledge.

  • Community: generate wealth, dignify the national community and contribute to the environment.

  • Suppliers: conduct fair and transparent business.

Collaborative Partnerships

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